Home Of The Sule Nat, Sule Pagoda

The Sule Pagoda at Sule Pagoda Road in Yangon, the previous Rangoon, is one of the initial three pagodas that were worked by the Mon in what is currently Burma (well, Myanmar as it is called since 1989). To be exact, the Sule Pagoda is the third one, worked after the Shwedagon Pagoda and Botataung Pagoda.

Today I go again to visit the Sule. I truly get a kick out of the chance to invest energy in this pagoda since it has an extremely unique vibe. On the off chance that you get a kick out of the chance to go with me I will be extremely satisfied.

We have recently paid our entrance charge and entered the Sule Pagoda through its southern passage. A snappy check out demonstrates that the columns supporting the main floor some portion of the external structures are from platform to capital improved with glass mosaic, that the upper parts of the dividers are brightened with Jatakas (scenes from Gautama Buddha’s life) and in the wake of having climbed a short flight of stairs we find before us a place of worship with 3 huge ‘neon-Buddhas’ behind glass entryways. I generally discover it to some degree odd to see an antiquated Buddha statue joined with an advanced neon radiance yet then there is no representing taste.

Presently we turn left and are remaining on the generally limit inward round walkway running between the brilliant primary stupa on our right side and the encompassing structures to one side. Here in the heart of the Sule Pagoda as well as Yangon City we and the primary stupa are totally disconnected from the Sule’s occupied and boisterous outer condition. We have entered an alternate world. This is a desert spring of peace and serenity in the midst of the rushing about of the heart of the city with a perpetual stream of autos streaming around it.

The British made the Sule Pagoda the focal point of the coarseness design they used to constructed British Colonial Rangoon. We are at 0 mile here in light of the fact that starting here on outwards the miles are measured. Mingaladon airplane terminal, for instance, is found 10 miles far from here.

The Sule Pagoda has go through a consistent improvement prepare particularly amid the most recent 120 years. It created from a moderately straightforward single stupa that was the most astounding working around there encompassed by parks and just a couple of structures to what it is presently. This pagoda is unique in relation to different pagodas. It is littler, has a contrastingly molded stupa, can likewise be entered at first floor level (utilizing one of the two person on foot connects) and has what I get a kick out of the chance to call a practically town like character and mood with the brilliant primary stupa in the middle encompassed by other littler altars and the shops in the external ring of structures. Others may see that contrastingly yet this is the way I see it; a town like feeling.

The stupa is 157 feet/48 meters high and the at the base octagonal state of the stupa abandons changing into a round shape straight up to the hti. When you take a gander at it intently you will see that even the moldings (phaung yits), the Lotus royal position (1 push down-turned lotus petals, kya mhauk, and 1 push up-turned lotus petals, kya lan) and the banana butt (nga pyaw bu) are not round but rather somewhat octagonal.

Presently there is a young woman coming. She will solicit us to get some from the sparrows she has in her confine to give them a chance to free for favorable luck. Give us a chance to do it. Be that as it may, be cautious. On the off chance that you grasp them too immovably they are pecking. Take 3 winged creatures. It costs 1.000 Kyats (US 1) just, will make her and the feathered creatures cheerful and who knows possibly it will truly bring us good fortunes. Good fortunes is something nobody can get enough of. What’s more, on the off chance that we don’t know how fortunate we will be later on we can solicit one from the numerous seers here. Take a gander at the shops; there are palmists, numerologists, stargazer, and so on. At the Sule Pagoda and around the pagoda are a greater amount of them than at some other pagoda in Yangon.

Alright, in the wake of having set a few sparrows free for favorable luck we begin our Sule Pagoda walk. While we are strolling clockwise I will give you some more data on the pagoda, let us go.

With the historical backdrop of the Sule Pagoda’s beginning it is as it is with the greater part of alternate pagodas, it is covered in myth and legend. Diverse sources give distinctive records. From most far-fetched to less inclined to more probable the entire range is secured. Everybody tries to make the best of it in view of their own advantages.

A portion of the legends available for use have started from Burmans long after the Sule Pagoda was constructed. Issue with that will be that there was no Burman in the territory that is these days called Myanmar at the time the Shwedagon Pagoda, the Botataung Pagoda and the Sule Pagoda were fabricated in light of the fact that the main Burmans came over 1.000 years after the fact. Consequently, it is fitting to treat all endeavors at clarification, for example, ‘Sule is gotten from the Burmese word Su-Wei (meeting)’ with respect to the Burmans with alert. At the point when the Sule Pagoda was worked by the Mon and the length of Dagon was a piece of Mon kingdoms the pagoda was referred to in Mon dialect as ‘Kyaik Kathoke’ (which means as much as ‘Pagoda of the Sacred Hair Relic’) or ‘Kyaik Sura’.

Coincidentally, ruler Anawrahta of the kingdom of Pagan (Bagan) that is otherwise called the main Burmese kingdom was not a Burman but rather a Pyu. He was the child of Pyu lord Kunhsaw Kaunghpyu (991 A.D. to 1013 A.D.) And the Pyus, as well, were in what is these days called Myanmar long time before the Burmans. Really it was the Pyu who established the kingdom of Pagan (Pyu King Thamudarit 107 A.D.- 152 A.D.) and ruler Anawrahta (1044 A.D. to 1077 A.D.) proceeded with a procedure that was at that point gotten under way. On account of this it is legitimized to state that there is dependably a specific requirement for basic addressing what concerns Burmese historiography.

In any case, in my endeavor to toss some light on the sources of the Sule Pagoda I imagine that there is very some truth in the story that is connecting the Indian Buddhist bhikkhus (friars) Maha Thera Sona and Uttara to the appearing of the Sule Pagoda. Here is the story.

Around 230 B.C. the Bhikkhus (friars) Maha Thera Sona and Uttara were sent by lord Asoka from India to Thaton to show Buddhism in ‘The Golden Land’ Suvarnabhumi (Mon kingdom). The story keeps saying that Sona and Uttara brought a hair relic of Gautama Buddha with them and were given authorization by King Dhamma Palla of Thaton to erect a place of worship for the hair south of the Shwedagon Pagoda. This is the start of the historical backdrop of the Sule Pagoda. Despite the fact that it is all legend I am firmly restricted to the possibility that the Sule Pagoda is more established than the Shwedagon Pagoda in light of the fact that the Sule was worked at the place were as legend has it the Sule nat was abiding. I trust that the Sule was manufactured at some point around 230 A.D. Whatever else would be totally strange even against the background of legends and myths.

The association between the Shwedagon Pagoda and the Sule Pagoda is as indicated by legend that the nat who gave the choosing data as to where the relics of the three Buddhas that went before Gautama Buddha were cherished at the Singuttara Hill originated from the Sule nat. Legend additionally says that the Sule nat has dwelled here were the Sule Pagoda is. Be that as it may, to state that as a result of this the Sule Pagoda must have as of now existed around then is as I would see it an absolutely wicked presumption.

Alright, while we have been strolling we have seen some littler stupas, holy places and littler ringers. A portion of the places of worship contain Weekday or Birthday Buddhas. There are 8 of them for Wednesday has 2 Birthday Buddhas. Why? Since Wednesday is part into two parts; Wednesday morning (12:00 AM to 12:00 twelve) and Wednesday evening 12:00 twelve to 12:00 PM). Wednesday morning conceived are elephant with tusks and Wednesday evening conceived are elephant without tusks (Rahu).

We have now finished our stroll around the Sule Pagoda principle stupa and touched base back at the southern passageway were we began. We have seen sanctuaries with other Buddha statues, the Sule Pagoda watchman Bo Gyi and the two Buddha Footprint.

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The most effective method to Choose the Right Claims Software for Your Company

Picking a cases programming seller is a choice that can significantly affect an association for a considerable length of time. The market is focused and this has driven sellers to grow perpetually refined and differed arrangements. Notwithstanding, this additionally represents a test for potential purchasers as they endeavor to filter out the alternatives accessible and select the framework that is most appropriate to their necessities.

There are a few key parts of a cases framework and merchant that should be mulled over while figuring out which arrangement is the best fit.


It is exceptionally basic that a purchaser winds up with an answer very unique in relation to what they initially imagined. This is normally the aftereffect of the purchaser being in one of three situations. The first is the “main edge purchaser” – a prospect that, after observing the potential outcomes accessible to them, re-assesses their necessities and searches for extra approaches to upgrade their operation. For instance, an organization may start looking to just deal with their work process and track financials, however understands that by incorporating the cases framework with existing databases (e.g. HR, armada, as well as gear) they can adequately track an expanded number of factors and deliver progressed investigation to alleviate chance. The second is the “off the cuff purchaser” – a prospect that essentially does not characterize their center needs all around ok and winds up acquiring a framework has numerous alluring and helpful modules, yet neglects to address the primary agony focuses that the association has. The third is the “tight-fisted purchaser” – a prospect whose spending requirements drive them to buy an answer that is not adaptable or custom fitted to their business, yet rather a universally useful application that may take care of business, however the association must adjust to the constraints of the product.

The key is to concentrate on center usefulness. Any framework that does not address the greater part of your essential torment focuses ought not be considered. On the off chance that there are extra approaches to improve operational productivity, that ought to be a reward, yet not motivation to secure a framework ailing in your center usefulness. Also, the broadly useful applications might be a solid match, particularly for littler associations with restricted spending plans, however a cases framework is a venture, and over the long haul, the less expensive choice may wind up at last costing the association in proficiency and usefulness weaknesses. A typical case is an association that is hoping to incorporate their cases and hazard data in one framework, however buys an answer that can’t start different cases from a solitary episode. Therefore, clients are compelled to enter and re-enter a similar occurrence data for each claim. For this situation, the restriction might keep them from accomplishing their objectives.


Each association is one of a kind. Fruitful organizations have discovered approaches to assemble their assets in a way that outcomes in pinnacle operational productivity. While many cases sellers have a lot of experience working with a huge number of various purchasers and executions, their concept of the most ideal approach to deal with cases administration may not be fitting for a particular association. A cases merchant can be a trusted accomplice in upgrading a cases operation by giving significant knowledge, yet they ought to likewise comprehend the complexities of the way the customer works together. An adaptable cases arrangement that fittings into existing frameworks and enables an organization to do what they specialize in is the most attractive choice. The cases arrangement ought to have the capacity to stay to divergent office frameworks. For instance, a transportation organization will probably require their cases programming to speak with existing coordinations and HR frameworks to power information gathering and run reports in light of worker profiles or gear specs.

A cases seller ought to will to set aside the opportunity to see how your association functions and assess that against the accessible elements of the arrangement as seems to be. Frameworks that have adaptable modules and high joining abilities will bring about an answer that is in venture with your association’s key destinations and a superior general result. Additionally, practically every framework will require a specific level of customization or setup, however understanding what the seller should do to accomplish the correct design is vital. From merchant to seller there can be a huge contrast in cost.


There are various evaluating models that cases programming merchants utilize, and eventually, cost is quite often a figure the basic leadership handle. A cases framework is not a “taken a toll,” but rather a speculation.

Programming as a Service (SaaS)/Cloud-based Solutions

Programming as an administration has given purchasers greater adaptability and a lower in advance venture. What’s more, having an answer that requires no equipment expenses or overhaul expenses is alluring to purchasers. Paying for programming on a month to month, yearly, or per-guarantee premise regularly consoles purchasers that, if most noticeably awful comes to most exceedingly awful, they can wipe out their assention without having submitted extensive money related assets. In any case, once a cases arrangement is procured, an association turns out to be progressively subject to the framework in a brief timeframe. The correct strides ought to be taken in advance to guarantee that you will have a feasible answer for the following five to ten years, if not more. Here are a few things to consider while assessing a SaaS arrangement:

Is there an ensured uptime?

Is there disconnected access to your information (e.g. at the point when there is no Internet association accessible)?

Where (topographically) is the server farm?

How secure (physically/essentially) is it?

Do you have the capacity to download every one of the information, including query information?

Do you have responsibility for information?

How well does it incorporate with different business applications your organization employments?


The authorizing model has taken somewhat of a hit throughout the most recent couple of years. The in advance cost of authorizing a framework is frequently a hindrance to purchasers. In the event that the execution is a disappointment or the framework does not meet desires, it can be a noteworthy hit to an association. The advantage of authorizing programming, notwithstanding, is that you will have responsibility for programming and information. Regardless of what happens, the framework will be accessible to you regardless of the possibility that you choose to stop bolster. In the event that the execution is a win, the long haul expenses will probably be far less, as repeating bolster expenses are commonly lower than the yearly expenses of SaaS arrangements. Likewise, frameworks introduced nearby, while conveying a higher IT weight, can by and large be modified and coordinated with other information sources all the more effectively. Here are a few things to consider while assessing an authorized arrangement:

Will you have to buy new equipment?

What amount of upkeep is required by your IT staff?

How are updates performed?

Are the licenses simultaneous or per client?

Is there support accommodated establishments?

Will the merchant gone ahead site for establishment?

For both models it is likewise important to know whether preparing is incorporated (nearby or electronic) and what level of bolster you will get (telephone or online-as it were).

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